Meet Dune Pierre Michel

Dune was born and raised in the South of France, immersed in a vibrant gastronomic culture. His grandparents and parents taught him to appreciate quality ingredients and the subtle art of cooking that creates simple yet exceptional cuisine.

After graduating from Hospitality and Culinary school, Dune explored the cultures and cuisines of dozens of countries including Peru, India, Mexico and Morocco. Dune spent ten years in California where the fusion of global cuisines are embraced and crafted with fresh, locally available abundance.

It is with this experience and passion that Chef Dune Michel will bring to Asheville a fresh air of gastronomy through the recently embraced craft of baking pastries.

About French Broad Pantry

The "French Pantry" was Dune's business idea for years. Called after the Thomas Keller's "French Laundry" restaurant in California, the idea of the pantry would encompass many items that Dune wants to explore and share.

Like sauerkraut, pickles or kimchi, fermented hot sauces, vinaigrettes, dressings and flavored oils, aiolis and mayonnaise, harissa, mustards, aged goat cheese and fresh sheep cheese, even cashew fermented vegan cheese, sourdough bread, focaccias and pizza, ice creams, flavored butters, 72 hours bone broths, soupe bases and many soup variations, charcuteries like country pate and potted meats, salamis and sausages, cured duck prosciutto and even foie gras, spice blends and so on and so on. 

So in order to get started, the French Broad Pantry became a pastry shop, because of the recent obsession to find and create the best croissant recipe. Right now we focus on laminated pastries, cream puffs, tarts and quiches. The vision is to fill the pantry with as many elements as wanted, following the inspiration of seasons and local products.

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